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Schnizzie Vodka director. dp. editor


This was a fun project, and it tested my ability to shoot and direct under a very tight schedule. I was hired by my high school friend Shannon, owner of Schnizzie Vodka, and we had decided on shooting at a restaurant in NJ. I was living in Atlanta at the time and it wasn't in the budget to fly me up and scout locations. Shannon sent me photos of multiple locations and I decided that the bar at P.J. Whelihan's had the look I wanted. When I arrived the day of production, we were only given 6 hours to set up, shoot, break down and leave. Shannon wrangled the talent while I set up lights, shot & directed the actors. There was a lot of chaos and drinking, which lead to a scuffle between some of the talent and a local drunk at the restaurant. Like I said... "fun"!

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